try listening to my fave bsd ed while you're going through my carrd hehe

— welcome —


name — ara
location — philippines
age — 16
birthday — december 4
pronouns — she/her
sexuality — bisexual
sign — sagittarius
languages — filipino, english


im always on my phone so if you ever need someone to talk to you can always hmu and i'll reply as soon as i can hehe. i also want you to know that you dont have hesitate or be shy and you can interact with me freely!

if i follow you please tag proper trigger warnings especially when your tweet contains mentions of death, im still very sensitive about that topic so i hope you keep that in mind, thank you! 🤍

before you follow

🤍 please take time to read the entirety of my carrd

🤍 if i follow you first thats me shooting my shot to be friends with you so i hope you interact 👉👈

🤍 if i ever tweet something offensive, insensitive and/or say something to make you feel uncomfortable please dont hesitate to SEND ME A DM so i can take it down to fix and learn from my actions

🤍 this is my bsd account so of course i mainly tweet about bsd

🤍 i might rt/like a few tweets not related to bsd when im too lazy to switch to my main account

🤍 i tweet about politics

🤍 i tweet in both english and tagalog but i think i talk more often in my native language

🤍 i randomly rt art spams

🤍 i only follow back to mainly bsd fan accounts sorry

🤍 i shout/scream most of the time lol

🤍 when i forget im not of my priv acc i might like nsfw tweets so they might end up in your tl sometimes

🤍 i know the theme of my carrd is kinda intimidating but please dw HAHAHA im very approachable so i hope you wont hesitate to interact with me hehe

do not follow if

you're a legit Dazai hater/anti 🤍

you're 13 years old below 🤍

you're racist/homophobic/transphobic and/or support pedophilia, incest and the likes 🤍

you support President Duterte 🤍

you're only following for a follow back 🤍

you sexualize minors 🤍

you're problematic and/or tolerate problematic people 🤍


rin, eya, kaé, nat, riki, ten, yuan, kandice, marie, hani, aqilah

i only put a few bc im still new on this account but anws if you're here pls know i cherish you so much and im thankful im friends with you! on the other hand if your name is not here i hope we get to interact and know each other more!

if you're on my mutuals list this is your free pass to request on priv account hehe, i post a lot of shit there so i trust you enough not to snitch on me yay

this is just a simple carrd bc im lazy asf but i hope you read through all of it hehe. ilysm!!